“Chris Appleton was like, ‘We did not fly all the way in which over right here for nothing,'” Kim stated in a confessional in the course of the episode. “He like lifted up my butt in my SKIMS, re-kinda positioned my shapewear after which, it went up.”

Whereas the gown finally match, they weren’t in a position to zip it up so, Kim hid her naked behind with a furry coat on the Could 2 occasion. Kim additionally turned into a duplicate of the robe for the remainder of the night after the crimson carpet.

One factor that she did not conceal? Her absolute awe on the reality she was in a position to make it occur. “I’m gonna be sporting Marilyn Monroe’s authentic gown to the Met Ball,” Kim stated in a confessional. “Oh, my god. I am unable to imagine I did it.”

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