Undoubtedly, that is the #1 track.

“Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst” is 2 songs with one which tells the most effective tales we have seen in hip-hop. The primary perspective on this track comes from Dave’s brother after Dave was killed in swimming swimming pools; the second is Keisha’s sister from Part.80‘s “Keisha’s Tune,” and the final one is Kendrick’s perspective.

That is modern-day poetry at its best, regardless of a easy beat. Kendrick’s storytelling potential makes me captivated your entire 12 minutes. The manufacturing on this observe is a wonderful instance of the musicality in hip-hop. Taking the Invoice Withers pattern and turning it into that is wonderful.

The poignancy of the track and it being a real story makes it his greatest track ever. Additionally, at Day N Vegas, Kendrick ended his set with this track and stated it is his favourite ever, so should you do not take my phrase of the legit-ness of the track, take Dot’s.

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